Trust Issues in Relationships

Experiencing trust issues in relationships? Learn how to build trust and fill your relationship with passion, love, honesty and friendship!

Do you know how to build trust in relationships? The biggest factor is keeping the lines of communication open at all times. I’ve personally been in a few relationships that made me feel very vulnerable, but what I really wanted was a relationship where I could experience friendship, honesty, passion, love, and most of all feel as if I really had a partner in life.

In order to build this kind of incredible relationship, you need to have safety as well as trust, both of which come with a little risk. If you can feel and express trust, you’ll also feel safe.

When I talk about trust, I don’t simply mean putting your trust in others; you need to be able to trust yourself, which might be difficult if your past relationships haven’t been fulfilling.

Always be honest with your partner; sometimes the truth hurts, but hiding it only makes it worse. If your past relationships were characterized by you biting your tongue because you thought saying what was on your mind might create problems for your relationship, it will probably be tough to start speaking the truth unconditionally. But the only way to build trust between you and your partner is to speak honestly.

It’s amazing the way that people can tell things to strangers but not to their partners out of the belief that their partner can possibly hurt them, but a stranger can’t. You have to believe that your partner’s actions are all done with the best of intentions. That they’re not out to hurt you purposely.

If you preoccupy yourself with emotional distress you’ve experienced in the past or with potential future distresses, you run the risk of eroding any trust you’ve built in your relationship.

When you find yourself questioning your partner’s actions and coming up with explanations founded on guilt, abandonment, or jealousy, just try to focus on what’s going on right now and separate it from past experiences and whatever perceptions you have from those past experiences. Keeping yourself firmly rooted in the present will help to build a more trusting relationship.

You need to stop hiding from your feelings and start communicating with your partner. Once you understand that those painful feelings are holdovers from your past, it stops being about your current partner and you can better release the thoughts that might have been harming your relationship.

If you let the past or the future rule your thoughts and your judgment then you’ll end up ruining your chance to enjoy being with your partner in the present.

Every moment lost is a lost chance to build a more trusting relationship. It’s impossible for you and your partner to move forward by obsessing over what happened or what might happen, especially if your relationship has been a bit rocky in the past. Make sure that you’re living in the present.

Trust is built moment by moment. Keep the lines of communication open at all times and you’ll be well on your way to breaking down any trust issues in relationships that you may have.

Remember that communicating means to listen as well as to speak as these wise words by John Marshall point out, “To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well.”