Positive Affirmations

Positive AffirmationsPositive affirmations are statements we think or say to ourselves or others. They make statements about people, places, things or situations.

Affirmations themselves can be either positive or negative. They are based on our beliefs and with them we create our reality.

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How Using Affirmations for Health Can Improve Your Overall Well-being

Affirmations for HealthUsing affirmations for health is a simple way to begin transforming your energy levels as well as your overall well-being.

There are many studies that now prove that a connection between your mind and body exists and that it is an incredibly strong connection. One of the key aspects of becoming well is having the belief and faith that your body CAN become healthy. Continue reading

Success Affirmations and Music

Success Affirmations and MusicSuccess affirmations are powerful and effective in their own right, but when used together with music, it’s a double whammy!

Music penetrates our mental barriers and influences the deepest areas of our mind. The right music, combined with the right affirmations for success, can have a huge effect on our receptivity. Continue reading