How Using Affirmations for Health Can Improve Your Overall Well-being

Affirmations for HealthUsing affirmations for health is a simple way to begin transforming your energy levels as well as your overall well-being.

There are many studies that now prove that a connection between your mind and body exists and that it is an incredibly strong connection. One of the key aspects of becoming well is having the belief and faith that your body CAN become healthy.

Transforming your body on the inside as well as the outside can be accomplished with the use of positive health affirmations. How? Well, as physicists have observed for years, your thoughts and emotions directly affect matter. Since all matter (including your body) is made of cells, which are made of atoms comprised of energy, it is possible to change this energy through your beliefs, thoughts, attitude, feelings and behavior.

There are many sufferers of chronic illnesses that have used the power of positive thinking to affect dramatic changes in their illnesses.

You can use affirmations for health to change your thoughts to support a healthier lifestyle as well as to affect a sometimes-remarkable healing from within. Because affirmations aid you in thinking in a more positive way, they alter the intensity of energy in your body and the energy that surrounds you.

To begin you need to focus on what it is you are wanting your health to be like and not on whatever problems or symptoms you are currently having. Use the present tense to state your affirmation, for example, “I am strong and healthy,” not “I want to be strong and healthy.”

I know it’s not easy to focus on health when you are not feeling your best but using affirmations requires a different approach than the usual resisting and fighting of a dis-ease that we are taught to do. Instead of trying to conquer the illness you need to switch your energy to thoughts of healing. What needs to be conquered here are your past perceptions of health and dis-ease.

Take some time to create your own affirmations for health. Try to focus on your healing and not on your present condition. By using an affirmation such as, “Thank you for my healing,” you are accepting and allowing for the healing process that you know is happening right now. This is where the key aspects of belief and faith come into play.

Using affirmations to improve your health is a pretty simple process but you need to remember it doesn’t happen overnight so try not to become frustrated. With time, your use of affirmations can help to change your level of energy.

Remember to incorporate gratitude into your life for any improvement in your health. This will help to attract even more health into your life.