Affirmations For Abundance

How do I use affirmations for abundance to increase it in my life?

A good place to start with your daily affirmations for abundance is by defining what abundance means to you.

Abundance can be defined simply as having more than a sufficient amount or supply of something.

Most of us picture money when we hear the word abundance.

Although increased financial resources are certainly a part of being abundant, is that what abundance is really all about?

Truly believing that you have everything you could ever need or want is a much clearer definition of abundance.

Believing this is hard to do in today’s world though because we’re constantly bombarded by messages that we need to acquire more.

What true abundance is all about is knowing that you will still be happy, even if you never make more money or buy something bigger and better than what you already have.

If you think back over your life about what has truly made you happy and filled your heart there will be memories, I’m sure, of when receiving money or things made you ecstatic.

I’m also sure there will be many more memories of times when just being with someone or accomplishing something you didn’t think you could filled you up and made you feel happy and whole.

You can use affirmations for abundance to attract everything from money, to health, to better relationships, to greater personal growth and more.

You just need to be open and receptive to receiving the good that is yours by divine right in every area of your life.

Being rich and unhealthy is not a recipe for happiness. Neither is being rich and alone.

So now that you have a clearer concept of what abundance truly is, use some of the affirmations for abundance below to attract a well-rounded abundant life to yourself.

Thank you for my good health.

I open my heart to healthy, positive relationships.

I AM open to receiving everything that is mine by Divine Right.

My mind is ready to receive and implement new and prosperous ideas every day.

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